Welcome to monkbent.net

I’ve had lots of blogs through the years; while most faded away, the last one became so much more: not just a website but my career.

That, though, has left me without my personal home on the Internet. Stratechery is my life’s work, but it is not my life. This site is a spot for me to put everything else, should I choose. I don’t expect to post here very frequently, but I want it to exist.

Naturally, like Stratechery, monkbent.net is built on open-source software and has its own domain; no gatekeepers allowed. And the name…well I’ve always been terrible at naming things. ‘monkbent’ was my first handle on the Internet; like ‘Stratechery’ its chief attribute is that it existed when I needed it. So here we are, three decades later!